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Sunday, April 30, 2017

How to Wear White Denim Jeans

Hey all so basicallies-like lol I honestly don't know what I just said, but, antyways, today is a new all new fresh off that post! Today's post is a "Style How" post and Oh boy will I be showing you how to style, but anyways, here is the style post.
  Let's get it started in here!!

Mixing up white denim or any type of denim, for that matter, is as easy as, yes 1-2-3. LOL. Now to dress white denim, either high waisted or not. You can use flats, oxfords, sneakers, and sandals, etc. for the shoes. You can go matching plain white for the shoes or if you want to dress it up, you can use a daring and colorful shoe or even a versatile designed shoe that matches with your outfit. Another way to dress up white denim more, is to go for either a plaid jacket or cardigan/blazer or even any design coat of your choice. Again, you can also use a solid color coat if you want to whether a light coat or heavy one, but make sure it goes with the weather too! As for the jewelry goes, you can use bangles or even a few cuffs to make the plain white denim into something more versatile, but if you don't wear jewelry there is no need to use it. For the tops I feel using off the shoulder tops would be  a nice fit and shows a feminine flair. Make sure, for the off the shoulder top that it is appropriate for where you are going. You can even change up the look for instead of going for a totally off the shoulder top, make it versatile and use a cut out top. But, if at a certain work where you need to look more conservative, in lieu, why not consider wearing a solid tank and a cardigan. It really can't hurt.

For men, you can use a solid plain white matching crewneck or maybe use one that has a design on it too and use perfect matching sneakers, also including design or a solid color.

   You can definitely pull it off! I believe in you all. I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you didn't please I want to make sure to know what content you like so you do enjoy my blog posts more. If you can, I'd love for u to comment what you loved about today's post and what you didn't like.

Thanks! I love you all and will talk to ya soon! Happy belated Easter!!<3333
With love from me to you, take care because I care.

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