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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

To the First Serious Ex-Lover

Hey all! I was writing down my feelings on a website and asking advice on my relationship. I then realized in the shower everything and what I HAD to do since I was always unsure of the relationship I was in at this time( I guess the shower is a great place for thinking? HAH!). But after having opening up my own eyes, I decided that for the fairly recent, current, and first serious relationship ex-lover these are just some things that just needs to be said.

I wanted to write this for you all for some inspo of when things hit hard, just don't take anything/life way too seriously that it will have a toll on your life, but that is easier said than done, but if anything guys I am alwaysss completely here for you and if anything seek out a trusted adult, trusted forum, trusted friend, pet, or better yet a counselor if you can for talking out problems, situations and any advice you have.
Also, hah, if my husband ever reads this, lol like this is of course an ex-lover at the current time, you know no one could ever come above you, plus don't let this screw us because I have a completely loving love note for you future hubb-bubb. #winkyface.

For the readers again, as you are reading this, I also currently have a tired hurting arm and should be doing other work, but I love entertaining you readers and I want to do this all for you, despite myself! So sit back, relax, and keep on keeping on(And reading please, but if you get bored, sorry, I'll do better, comment down below please? LOL).


Sunday, April 30, 2017

How to Wear White Denim Jeans

Hey all so basicallies-like lol I honestly don't know what I just said, but, antyways, today is a new all new fresh off that post! Today's post is a "Style How" post and Oh boy will I be showing you how to style, but anyways, here is the style post.
  Let's get it started in here!!


Friday, March 31, 2017

Hunger:What Are You Hungry For?

Dear all of you energizer bun buns out thurr! Hey-low!! Just wondering how this month is treating you? Essentially, for me, there was one Thursday morning where I stumbled upon an email. Attached was a video to inspire a person and it came with a specific topic to learn from. I remember that the topic was a lesson of hunger. So without further a due, I am going to start right now what this ish is all about. Kick back or sit or even lie down and relax, drink tea or coffee or water or whatever and read to your hearts content. Also, wherever you are I hope you find peace, joy and happiness in reading today's post! I love you all!

Hunger: What are you Hungry For?

So back to that time when I saw that email on Thursday morning with a video with a topic. To be specific, that topic was about hunger. Now this topic of hunger wasn't talking about the usual, as you might have guessed, world hunger. No, this email was on the topic of hunger in ourselves. Yes, hunger in a sense of physical,emotional, and spiritual hunger, etc.! This was the hunger of what we want and what we yearn for in life. The video talked about the lesson of knowing ourselves better and this hunger let's us all know he awareness of ourselves. This awareness helps us to know our identities more! Now,as I was asking myself the same lesson, I couldn't quite ponder what it is I am hungry for. I still don't know exactly what my identity is and who I can say I am. But I guess, now writing this post, frankly, I don't care about needing to know myself and to define myself. However, this hunger will get me closer to not define myself, but perhaps to have my own soul/spiritual journey. This journey, in my opinion, is another challenge I am willing to take and certainly one I just will, perhaps hopefully going on a travel retreat of some sort. I know I don't care to define myself, but this hunger is not defining me, it is rather that it makes me more aware of myself and to see the deeper soul. 


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dress Up for No Reason Season

Hey my important loverly leading energizing peoples!! How are all you doing? The weekend is here and I just wanted to share a fashionable, but inspiring-ish post for you all. SOOOO,........


 P.S: This is for both woman and men!

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