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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dress Up for No Reason Season

Hey my important loverly leading energizing peoples!! How are all you doing? The weekend is here and I just wanted to share a fashionable, but inspiring-ish post for you all. SOOOO,........

P.S: This is for both woman and men!
A Little Dressing Up for No Reason Never Hurt Anybody=).

Ok so first off, we are probably familiar with the fact that dressing up is only for certain formal and elegant occasions or events like parties or, in an enchanting life, a red carpet event. However, why not just dress up for the poise of it?? For instance, why not just dress up like this, for the hell of it and even to make you feel better, especially if you are having a bad day. Even if you are staying at home why not still dress up for the day to feel goo throughout? It never hurts!
Especially if you need a boost of confidence, I'd say dress up!

To start off, if you don't feel bold enough to muster up the courage to look like you are going to a party and think people might stare at you thinking you look ridiculous, first of all don't assume. Second, don't care what people think. If you however, just in general still feel uncomfortable of these stares and snares from others, at least start off by dressing up as if you were going to a party, or even a semi casual party, for fun in the comfort of your own home and walk around in this all day. Do this until you muster up the courage and confidence to know that no matter what, this could help your confidence to try something new and bold and it helps to experience yourself more of your likes and dislikes in an outfit, especially will let you know what pieces work together and don't. This dressing up, per say, aides too in becoming a new bold person in which helps to get you out of your comfort zone and to really boost that confidence overall. Even if you don't feel comfortable still in this dressing up phase, still try it at least to still try this new take out. But if it does become too overwhelming for you then, hey at least you tried!
Now I am not saying to do this everyday. I am saying do this once in a while or sometimes or at least on an occasion and I promise you great things will happen from it! Just always think positive when taking on this new look of yours to dress up for no reason! It will feel or at least one day will feel magical and wonderful! You will also definitely completely feel powerful as well!

Whoever you are I hope this helps and that this post satisfies and at least aides one person out there! I love you all so much! Take care because I care and remember that no matter what day you have to choose to make it or think of the positives in that day! You all truly mean the world to me!

-With love from me to you <3.
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