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Friday, March 31, 2017

Hunger:What Are You Hungry For?

Dear all of you energizer bun buns out thurr! Hey-low!! Just wondering how this month is treating you? Essentially, for me, there was one Thursday morning where I stumbled upon an email. Attached was a video to inspire a person and it came with a specific topic to learn from. I remember that the topic was a lesson of hunger. So without further a due, I am going to start right now what this ish is all about. Kick back or sit or even lie down and relax, drink tea or coffee or water or whatever and read to your hearts content. Also, wherever you are I hope you find peace, joy and happiness in reading today's post! I love you all!

Hunger: What are you Hungry For?

So back to that time when I saw that email on Thursday morning with a video with a topic. To be specific, that topic was about hunger. Now this topic of hunger wasn't talking about the usual, as you might have guessed, world hunger. No, this email was on the topic of hunger in ourselves. Yes, hunger in a sense of physical,emotional, and spiritual hunger, etc.! This was the hunger of what we want and what we yearn for in life. The video talked about the lesson of knowing ourselves better and this hunger let's us all know he awareness of ourselves. This awareness helps us to know our identities more! Now,as I was asking myself the same lesson, I couldn't quite ponder what it is I am hungry for. I still don't know exactly what my identity is and who I can say I am. But I guess, now writing this post, frankly, I don't care about needing to know myself and to define myself. However, this hunger will get me closer to not define myself, but perhaps to have my own soul/spiritual journey. This journey, in my opinion, is another challenge I am willing to take and certainly one I just will, perhaps hopefully going on a travel retreat of some sort. I know I don't care to define myself, but this hunger is not defining me, it is rather that it makes me more aware of myself and to see the deeper soul.

Why do I not care for identifying myself and asking myself who am I, you may ask? Well Frankly, because I just don't think defining yourself or anyone, for that matter, is good. Perhaps to me, defining a person, including the self, is rather just too deep and rather negative. Why do we need to be self defined and limited by this definition of who we are. I certainly don't want to be limited. Even then. we can define ourselves and look more into our identities by having more experiences in life and getting out there and learning for ourselves, especially, in life, but perhaps, it is just for me, weird to think about to do. Identifying myself is just not who I am to do that, perhaps it is either I am shy, but just in general it makes me uncomfortable. Furthermore, it also takes to much work to do and well, rather, absurd for myself to do. Yes, you may call me lazy. However, if you do, want to define yourself, though, I say go for it and do it! Don't let my opinions hinder you from getting more in tact and deep with your inner self/soul. These are all my opinions and aren't meant to judge anyone, this is just my own opinions. If you are lost, and want to find your identity, that is a great situation, thus go do it! It doesn't hurt and will only make you stronger as an individual.

Finally, with all this being said and before I get off topic, I just want to conclude with a question. If you feel like me and don't care to ask yourself this, then of course you don't have to do this, but for those who do care and are curious and want a journey or challenge or just for you to amuse yourself in general; What are you hungry for in life?

I love you all and take care because I care!Real <3 from me to you always!

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