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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Cold Brew or Iced Coffee?

Hey all you important peoples! This is the first month of Summer!! Yayss! What are you all doing? Vacay away or are you having a vacay at home? Either way I know you are all making the best out of it. For me right now Summer means hard work, having more time to get my shiz together, and iced coffees. 

Now Particularly iced coffees are eh to me ever since the invention of the Cold brew. I remember my first time tasting cold brew which was at a bakery I used to work at. It was so good. As I sip my cold brew, in the first touch, all I could reminisce tasting was a smooth and delicious hint of velvety, delectable, and a diverse taste and take on iced coffee. It literally was super smooth to taste! Like biesh how the heck! But anyway, I have my cold brew anywhere from on the go to enjoy at work or just to have at home on a hot Summers day! Actually, I lied I crave coffee a lot so when I crave it, so you know I will get it! However, let's get started on what is the difference between the two anywho? So iced coffee vs. cold brew? What is the difference?

Ok so first off, iced coffee is usually the basic brewed coffee poured delicately over ice. However, the cold brew is entirely different. Cold brew is the type of iced coffee that has  ground coffee steeping into cold water through a filter for many hours. The many waiting hours for the coffee to steep is what enhances the taste of this drink. After those many hours, you take out the filtered and steeping ground coffee notes out of the cold water, discard of the ground coffee and voila! Yaaas! You then have your cold brew ready to drink UP! CHEERS TO THAT! 

So pretty much the difference is that cold brew has a more enhanced taste because it is steeped in water for several hours. This process is pretty much like making a tea. Mostly a very simple thing to do right in your home.

If any of you want to know a recipe for how to actually properly make cold brew I'll make a post about that too for that! Just comment down below if you'd like to see that and also if you want, go ahead and comment what is your fav: Regular Iced coffee or Cold brew iced coffee?
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