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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

To the First Serious Ex-Lover

Hey all! I was writing down my feelings on google docs kind of like journaling online. I then realized in the shower why not just write down a cute little love note post thing for ya'll (I guess the shower is a great place for ideas and thinking heh? LOL)? That is exactly what I have done here and I hope you all enjoy my lovers! Have fun reading! =D

Here is what I would like to say to the first serious ex-lover and are just some things that just needs to be said. In addition,

I wanted to write this for you all for some inspo of when things hit hard, just don't take anything/life way too seriously that it will have a toll on your life, but that is easier said than done, but if anything guys I am alwaysss completely here for you and if anything seek out a trusted adult, trusted forum, trusted friend, pet, or better yet a counselor if you can for talking out problems, situations and any advice you have.
Also, hah, if my husband ever reads this, lol like this is of course an ex-lover at the current time, you know no one could ever come above you, plus don't let this screw us because I have a completely loving love note for you future hubb-bubb. #winkyface.

For the readers again, as you are reading this, I also currently have a tired hurting arm and should be doing other work, but I love entertaining you readers and I want to do this all for you, despite myself! So sit back, relax, and keep on keeping on(And reading please, but if you get bored, sorry, I'll do better, comment down below please? LOL).

Dear Ex-Lover,
     I don't know why I was so strong to leave, I guess it was because we fought way too much and I know, yes you were not the only one mistreated, but I was completely mistreated too. In short, our relationship was unhealthy, but I remember everything about us and what we shared, hence little and big! I know we were such a strong and powerful loving couple, but I guess it is true, good things must come to an end and that all things gold can sometimes not stay. I will of course hesitate to call you and to keep in contact because I will of course miss you and us being together; I will miss all that we shared, but I know it would be bad to lead you on. I still would love to work it out, but my heart can only take so much stress, negativity and grievances until it needs to flee. We tried working through everything with each other, but I gave you so many chances, and just don't see anything changing or working out. I just can't take it anymore and just not seeing anything being done, thus the cyclical circle of this rut is hurting me more. I just see no work from you being put in, but we still somehow had it good!

     I will remember our nicknames too, dates, and all things we shared both big and of course little, though those moments were not little because they were still important. I may not ever know what the future holds for us, but I know the outcome will still be great! Even when we are both hurting, I hope and wish we both know we are not alone, also because, even though we are apart, let us not forget that we are still going through the same heartbreak together at least. Not sure if many can say this either. I am also so glad we got a chance to have signs from heaven, to cross each others paths, and become each others true loves at least once in this life time. It means a lot and I would never ever regret us for anything. I am also so glad we are both so supportive and equally super in love with each other, but I needed to flee due to again, the too much stress and unhealthy relationship we tended to share in unfortunately. However,I do wonder.... what could the future truly hold for us, despite knowing it will be something completely great, what could that be?

     Either way, I know we will both just need to learn from this as well as each other and just learn even better from that of what we already learned about ourselves. I know this is what we need right now, but not for one second have I not loved you, and I know not for one second too, that you have not loved me, once upon a time!

             I love you and always had loved you... Until then,
                  Yours truly.....now turned ex-lovers.

P.S: It is going to be so weird to live without you or at least pretend you weren't in my life as if living this life now where I don't know you anymore like I haven't lived with you at all in my life. I guess I'll just pretend we lost contact since that is what it is like. I'll miss you. This is true harsh reality no more true love, but I don't want to hold you back no matter how cliche it is. This is happening for the better. I know of it.
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