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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Beauty of Strength

Heyy heyy! Just wanted to catch up with you guys and ask how is everyone doing? But anyway I hope you are all doing better than well! I just want to talk about having the beauty of strength today so here it goes!! Have fun reading!!

So not many people talk about the beauty of strength. Many times people talk more about beauty or strength separately and not together which is the beauty of cultivating or having strength. What "The beauty of strength" means to me, is just having strength and fully embracing it thoroughly and following through with it. For instance, and this is just a random example, but let's say, individual x was in a really bad on and off toxic or unhealthy relationship with individual y and both individuals were strong and even cultivating strength more each day. Then, one day individual x wants to just breakup with individual y for so long, despite wanting to stay somewhat, still manages eventually leaving individual y for reasons being. Even though both parties want to stay because of love, individual x wants to leave more than the other, and yes even if it will be so sad to leave individual y, individual x knows their strength and that they deserve better. In return, individual x and y both eventually heal and in part find their true strength which grew stronger from the breakup. In short, knowing your strength can literally only make you stronger. There is also beauty in strength and you can cultivate strength everyday whether physical, emotional, etc. So start day. I know this may be cliche but, as quoted from the famous "Iron Lady" also known as Margaret Thatcher, "Watch your thoughts, they become words; watch our words they become actions; watch your actions, they become habits; watch your habits, they become your character." Think about what character you are, want to become, or the character that you want to strengthen. To be more strong basically, all you have to do is just know you are and not only believe it but by pursuing it by having strong thoughts, words, habits and after will be in your character. For instance, if you have got fired from your job, think of how great you know you are and what you can be and rise above that negative situation with your thoughts knowing you got fired for a better outcome that something better is coming along and pursue another better job, negotiate, or even build your own business and really focus on that and be goal motivated and oriented. Also, another example could be even to think strengthfully by knowing that if your job is really bad right now, try and get another one ha would be best suitable for you, and then after you're committed and hired at that best second job, quit your first bad job!

I also want to conclude by saying this: Just keep believing in yourself to cultivate even more strength because strength is already in us all and we need just that, to know truly that strength is already in us all. Just keep feeding that positive wolf full of strength in order for it to grow more strong, powerful and positive and I guarantee you, that you will be stronger than you already are!

That is all it for today's post.....

I love you all so much and I hope at least one of you important people got something out of this!

<333333333 and take care because I care bye!!
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