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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Fashion Trends of 2017 (2K17)

Heyy all! I hope you are doing great! If you have been wondering what is in store for the fashion trends for 2017, well look no further because this post is for you. I did my research and am reporting all the fashion trends straight to yo! Hah so here it goes!

IN: Stripes are still in. Not only have stripes been in for a long time, but the pros all agree that there will be many seasons where stripes will reign, so take out your best striped material, whether a sweater, cardigan, shirt, pans, anything and just flaunt it! 

IN: The next "In" piece that you will be seeing will be sneakers, but not anymore the clean white plain jane sneakers. The sneakers in season for 2k17 or 2017 will be the versatile sneakers which are ones with logos, prints like a leopard print, or even ones with emoji prints! You can now dress up any casual outfit and paint the town red. 

IN: Easy Elegant pieces in which have athletic-like clothing will be a likely on trend for many designer brands and is what you can be expecting for another versatile in piece of the season.

IN: The last piece that will be reigning 2017 for shoes, will be the trend of mules. Now mule shoes are shoes that are typically mostly backless and are covered in the front or close toed. Mules were especially popular in 2016 and still will be in the duration of 2017. You can rock any types of different style mules like low mules, high heeled mules, espadrille mules, and many more. Be sure to dress up or down any look with these shoes for most outfits since they are in and don't miss your chance to use your mules if you have them but don't know when to use them. Now is completely your chance to use this trend to your advantage so dust off your mules and use them ASAP! 

I hope you all have come to like this post and I hope that it will help you style your outfits for 2017. I love you all and take care because I care.

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